This Week in Preschool: Week Nine

Well, I did it. I made the biggest blunder of my Preschool career today. It was a simple oversight, I swear! I didn’t mean to encourage rule-breaking! I thought it would be fun!

From 8:30 to 8:45 each morning, we take our class across the hall for exercise. Before they set up the tables for lunch in the cafeteria, there is a wide open room for our kids to run and screech and get their bodies ready for learning. Studies show that small children focus better when they have time in their day to play. If you’ve spent any length of time with little kids, you understand that they just can’t sit still!

Each of the four classrooms in our program have an allotted time to run, and Mrs. H, two doors down, leaves a CD player with a playlist of silly songs to get kids moving. I, for one, grow tired of listening to “If you’re happy and you know it,” so I brought in my own collection of CD’s to shake things up a little.

That’s when it happened.

I popped in Walk the Moon’s “Talking is Hard” album and jumped ahead a couple tracks. I thought to myself, “Surely these preschoolers will know this song! Their parents must listen to the radio!” The kids seemed to like it! They were dancing! I smiled, clapping my hands to the beat, thinking I was a genius.


Miss S: “Miss Merci, do you really think this is a Preschool-appropriate song?”

Preschooler: *singing along* “SHUT UP AND DANCE WITH ME!!!!”

Miss S: “Maybe you should skip to the next song.”

It dawned on me then that we preach to children all the time, “We don’t say “shut up” in Preschool.” How could I? I brought in music with BAD WORDS! I’m a terrible teacher! The worst! Just awful!

In retrospect, I should have thought a little more carefully about the lyrics in my music choice. I was pretty embarrassed, but Miss S. and I had a good laugh. Mrs. A came in a few minutes later and we laughed again, recounting the event. I’m chalking the whole thing up to experience, and I’m busting out Taylor Swift next time.