These Weeks in Preschool 3-8

“Good morning!

Good morning!

Good morning to you!

I’m happy to see you!

Good morning to you!”

Happy snow day everyone! I’ve been so lazy about updating this, it took a day off of school to get me to the computer. It’s been six weeks since I last posted, and so much has happened!

As you work in the school system, coworkers begin to share patterns they’ve witnessed in kids. Apparently, the lead-up to full moons and things like Christmas Break make children crazy! It didn’t help that we had a full moon ON Christmas. Back in Week 3, I started a blog post on paper, so I’ll share a glimpse of that:

“Well, it’s turned into quite the circus  around here. Some of these preschoolers could have their own soap operas! In the last three days, fights have broken out over personal possessions, melt-downs are at the highest I’ve ever seen, and the unrest here seems to be draining us teachers, and fueling our kids.”

Week 4 wasn’t exactly a week… Whoever decided that we needed to attend class for two days the same week as Christmas was off their rocker. We basically took our kids outside and to the gym to burn their energy, and pacified them in class with Christmas movies. It was all we could do to maintain some sort of order. Our singing program for the parents was well worth the trouble though. The kids in my class were of course, the cutest. We understand that they can’t stay still in one place for long periods of time, so allowing them to hop and dance, and shake their strings of jingle bells made for some fun pictures taken by parents.

And then came Christmas Break. A peaceful, week-and-a-half away from our darling monsters. I was able to sleep in, spend time with family, clean the house, and enjoy the first work-sanctioned break I’ve had in my adult life. The only downside to Christmas Break is when I don’t work, I also don’t get paid. I got a taste of what’s going to happen this summer if I don’t get myself another job… But I’ll worry about that in April or May.

Jump ahead to Week 6! I had an interview with the program director for a permanent position- BUM BUM BUUUM! It actually went very well. My friends helped me prepare with practice questions and gave me keywords that would impress the director. The teacher I’ve worked with exclusively since Week 3, Mrs. A, sat in and helped move the interview along, and I dazzled the director with my knowledge and skills I’ve learned on the job. “Did you know that the High/Scope curriculum we use was developed in Ypsilanti back in the 60’s?”(I love Michigan facts) The director did know that, and she smiled when I asked her. Later that morning, after she had interviewed another candidate, the director came to me and unofficially offered me the permanent position. My references were called, my background check cleared, and I was hired the next day.

Weeks 7 and 8 came and went, and I really like my job. I enjoy being called “Miss Merci.” I relish the thought of paid snow days and returning each day to the sweet faces of the same kids. Being a substitute and travelling between rooms was fun, but the stability of partnering with the same teacher and co-aid, and seeing the children grow each day feels so good. Watching the same group of kids develop week by week is rewarding, knowing that I’m helping them on their way to Kindergarten. Also, moments like this are my favorite:

*Talking about dads*

Me: “My dad told me when I was in school-“

Preschooler: “You don’t have a dad, you’re a teacher!”

And this:

Preschooler: “Missa Mussi, whata you doin’?”

This too:

*During rest time*

Preschoolers: *Chattering, making noise, etc.*

Mrs. A: *Trying to type up the weekly newsletter* “Why is it illegal to duct tape their mouths?!”