This Week In Preschool: Week Two

God is moving again. This week, the program director was walking through classrooms to check up on children and staff. She came directly to me to say that there will soon be a full time position available, and I should apply for it! Coming in as a substitute, I imagined that it could take a few months before full time was a possibility; I never thought it would take just 2 weeks! I’ve worked a total of 6.5 days, and they are considering hiring me in to so much more.

If they hire me in as a full time teacher’s aide: I will get to spend four days a week with the same kids, watching them grow all year. I’ll also be in a classroom with an A+ teacher, and co-aide with one of my dearest friends. There will be no need to travel from my hometown to different schools in the county. There will be an automatic raise. Two paid snow days! Paid training sessions throughout the year. And the best part? My God is providing for me every step of the way.

The only downside of preschool this week is that I picked up strep throat. So I’m home today, popping Vitamin C supplements and antibiotics, because I forgot how quickly germs spread in schools. I wonder how long it will take to properly build up my immune system against those smiling little carrier monkeys… It’s a good thing they’re so sweet and lovable.