This Week In Preschool: Week One

I want to start taking time every week to catalog things that happen in my new job. Being a teacher’s aide in preschool is more fun than I could have imagined! Posts in this category will most likely be interactions with kids(that will go unnamed), events that may have transpired, and other moments I want to record before I forget. This first week on the job was crazy! Four classrooms in four days. Memorizing the names and faces of more than 40 preschool children. Working with a new set of co-workers each day. Also breaking up squabbles, pretending to be a monster, reading children’s books and receiving tons of hugs from precious, pint-sized sweeties.

My favorite moment of Week One happened yesterday on the playground. 12-3-15

Preschooler:”Hey, you wanna play a game?”

Me:”Sure, what would you like to play?”

Preschooler:”Let’s play FIGHT!” *holds up tiny fists*

Me:”No, we don’t play “Fight” in preschool. That’s not a safe choice.”

Preschooler:”Okay.” *thinks for a moment* “Can we play Doctor Who?”

Me:*unable to hold back a smile* “Are you gonna be the Doctor?”

Preschooler:”Yeah! Come with me!” *grabs my hand*

Me:”If you’re the Doctor, who can I be?”

Preschooler:”You’re a person from Earth.”

Me:”Can I be Rose?”

Preschooler:”Yeah, you can be Rose. Let’s go to the TARDIS!”

This little cutie also asked me on Monday, “Are you my Mummy?” We’re not really supposed to choose favorites, but he’s one of mine. A kid after my own heart.