End Date: 11-24-15

I will never not acknowledge God when I see Him working in my life. There are times when I need to be cautious with how I share Him, but I will always share how He is moving in me. He is constantly testing my heart and my will to see if I will follow His voice.

For two years, I have worked in a factory. My younger self could never have envisioned myself working in a factory, but the Lord lead me to it back in September of 2013. I couldn’t perceive back then what God was growing in me there, but He has taught me lessons on faithfulness, determination, hard work, loving people, patience, perseverance, acceptance, and honesty. God used a “lowly” job to raise me up in ways I wouldn’t have experienced anywhere else.

I was told growing up that you need to go to school so you don’t get stuck with a low-paying, part-time, or factory job for the rest of your life. My mother is an avid preacher on the gospel of college education and why you should get one. I’ll tell you what though; I have found some pretty amazing people on that production floor. The people there are the reason that place is still running, and they are important. There is nothing wrong with factory labor as long as the employees are appreciated. Management, however, cannot see the forest for the tree, and that is why sadly, I must leave.

It began over the summer with a management shift. People moved and adjusted, and we- the people on the production floor- saw the ugliness behind the smiling faces in the offices. Little by little, our freedoms were stripped, and we discovered how replaceable we actually are to them. After a while, I understood that I needed to get out… I just didn’t know how.

In times of unknowing, I ask God for confirmation. I worry occasionally that my own will gets mixed with His, and I end up questioning myself. When Management demanded an extra day out of us, I counted that as Confirmation Number One. As the 50-60 hour work week stressed my body to the point of suspending normal function, I took it as Number Two. Number Three came when I tested others with the possibility of quitting my job. A dear friend and mentor of mine looked me in the eye and said that God had already told me what I needed to do.

Soon after, God told me to apply for a new job. A position in uncharted territory that I hadn’t seriously considered before. A job that had formerly been hard ground in my heart’s garden. But He filled me with incredible peace whenever I pictured myself in this vocation. God proposed the new job to me, and fear nearly kept me from pursuing His peace. Thankfully, my Heavenly Father doesn’t give up on me. Through a series of events over a three week period, He let me stew in my own indecision until enough pressure popped the lid from my thought pot.

I applied, and without a phone call or interview, I received an information packet for new employees in the mail! My God showed Himself faithful when my heart turned to His.

My last day at the factory came and went today with lots of hugs and encouraging words. Also some tears, but with much love.

The Lord told me years ago to feed His lambs(John 21:15), and I am so excited to serve Him and His children as a Teacher’s Aide. I am ready for a new challenge, and I am ready to learn. I know God is providing me with the next page of my destiny story. All I needed to do was hear from Him and move.